Manuka Honey

Untouched Purity

Native to New Zealand, the Manuka tree (leptospermum scoparium) is common along the drier East coasts of the North and South Islands, flowering just once a year for a few short weeks. This is where the dozens of Manuka benefits find their origin. These special trees, their nectar and the efforts of hardworking native honeybees combine to produce KORU’s unique and delicious honey, that is sought after the world over.

New Zealand Government Honey Standards define two types of Mānuka honey: Mono-floral Mānuka honey and Multi-floral Mānuka honey. Always look for a designation Mono-floral Mānuka honey, because Multi-floral Mānuka honey is a blend of multiple local honeys with very low content of MGO in it.
Mānuka Honey authenticity is certified by MPI (Ministry of Primary Industries) only for honey packed in New Zealand, as it undergoes stringent oversight and testing (including a DNA test), from the point of collection in the wild bush, all the way to the bottling facility and export documentation. It is due to this precise regulation that all Manuka benefits have been thoroughly scientifically proven.

Manuka Honey Science Definition

Manuka Benefits

Manuka Benefits

Global Scientific Research on the many Manuka Benefits