Our hand-crafted raw KORU Manuka honey is luscious and precious, and tasting it is an exquisite experience! Valued for its ultra-high government certified MGO (methylglyoxal) rating and its remarkable natural benefits, Manuka honey is an unparalleled taste of luxury! Unique to New Zealand, our genuine Manuka honey is rare and highly prized, because we only sell rated honey from MGO 300+. It is a premium honey, harvested from some of the most pristine and remote locations, deep within New Zealand’s untamed wilderness and untouched purity. We avoid pasteurisation and never include additives. We keep our honey as natural intended it to be – pure and wild!

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New Zealand
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Mānuka used to be our secret – used by Maori for centuries. KORU is the single most quintessential symbol of New Zealand and its Maori heritage. KORU is the spiral shape, based on a frond of the treasured New Zealand native silver fern, epitomizing natural strength, beauty, growth, rebirth and peace.


Methylglyoxal - KORU Manuka Honey’s Secret Ingredient

Dietary Methylglyoxal or MGO is a naturally occurring complex organic compound, found in very high concentrations in authentic Manuka Honey (it can be up to 100x higher than in all other honeys). Test results are measured in mg/kg and the concentration of MGO directly correlates to the health & wellness benefits of Mānuka Honey.

Manuka Grades


All KORU Mānuka Honey products carry the MGO mark – the leading global independent standard for rating genuine Manuka honey, because this directly relates to the amount of MGO in your Mānuka Honey. While taste, aroma and colour are good initial indicators, we need a complex scientific result to confirm the actual quality, thus every batch is tested in an independent NZ Government certified laboratory in New Zealand. So, customers can trust that what they buy is authentic and true-to-label.

KORU Manuka Honey

Nutritional Benefits

Raw Mānuka Honey is not just empty calories. It is sweeter and more nutritious than refined sugars and other sweeteners. It contains more than 200 compounds and is a great source of vitamins, minerals and potent antioxidants, many times higher than in other honeys.

About KORU Manuka Honey 

We started in 2017 aiming to bring authentic and rare premium Mānuka honey from the most pristine and remote areas of New Zealand to the passionate honey lovers around the word! The hives and our beekeepers are scattered across remote ends of New Zealand and we still harvest honey using traditional methods of beekeeping. In such wild and remote areas, hives can only be helicoptered into our dense Mānuka bush sites.

  • Our extraction and packaging facility utilizes the latest technology for honey processing and packing and it is also Risk Management Programme certified, by the NEW Zealand Government’s Ministry of Primary Industry – RMP code NZHF1.
  • Our facility also has EU certification under the RMP quality system, which is the most stringent honey quality accreditation in New Zealand. 

Because not all Mānuka honey is created equal, we test every batch in an independent NZ Government certified Laboratory.